To Tax, Redistribute, Wither

To Tax, Redistribute, Wither
There are money and margins. Italy’s international commitments require it to clear the deficit on the GDP in the next three years and then begin to reduce the monstrous debt incurred by our country. To bring into port this project must put hand to taxation in force today, touching some interests that are taken for granted for years. We must first and foremost rearrange, if not eliminate, the set of people who may be gathered in the definition of soft. All those categories that is, that for a variety of reasons, they enjoy tax benefits and cost to the state, according to a calculation made by the Corriere della Sera, about 200 billion euro a year. One of the 4 aforementioned committees, one led by Vieri Ceriani, is currently studying how to recover funds from subsidized. In terms less prosaic is working on the reduction of erosion. Berlusconi knows that the reform that you can do, at best, is a simplification and rationalization of the system now in force which ports in the state coffers the same amount that enters today.

Speaking at the presentation of an essay on the works of John Maynard Keynes, the great Pierferdinando Casini has decided to make to the CGIL, launching the original proposal of a solidarity tax paid by the wealthier taxpayers. After criticizing the linear cuts Tremonti
The mayors ready to tax Venice, Torino, Trapani, Perugia, Nuoro, Macerata, Lecco, Foggia, Como, Brescia, Asti, Agrigento … The mayors tempted to tax Bari, Bologna, Cagliari, Campobasso, Cremona, Ferrara, Forlì, Palermo, Cremona, Campobasso, Cagliari, Parma, Varese, Verbania … the mayors who will be able to tax 4,840, all those who in their municipalities so far have not applied the additional income tax, 59, 8 percent of the total. Others will increase the surcharge. Taxing, on behalf of and as a result of fiscal federalism, at least for the years that it will take up to that federalism will not go up to speed. The mayors of the various categories has counted them Il Sole 24 Ore, the BBC has noticed in the front of the Federalism page with more taxes.

He admits implicitly telling the parable of the accountant. Citizens are turning to accountants to pay their taxes but, in the end, given the amount of taxes, exemptions, concessions, debt, taxation of favor, advances, fines, interests and anything else, even accountants are certain that the results of their work are correct. Certainly the Italian tax system is simple and clear, but despite this, the accountants may resent if they are told they can not do their work, because that in practice the premier said.

Where To Buy Rugs Online Beautiful And Affordable? On Webtappeti! Here Because

Where To Buy Rugs Online Beautiful And Affordable? On Webtappeti! Here Because

Beautiful rugs at unbeatable prices, seasonal discounts, bargains, expert designer in direct line with you and much more on Webtappeti, the site where you will find the right rug for your home: design, modern and classic that is with a wide range of models to choose from on line!

If you surf on line to buy the right carpet for our home, we happen to come across the site webtappeti well we are on the right site!

Browsing through the reviews, as it usually does for “More”, here is what you can read the service offered by Webtappeti among the many reviews of those who purchased online:

“Great personalized service and information prior to the purchase clear, comprehensive and timely. Shipping quickly as expected. Excellent quality, shipping the product precise and accurate. ”

“Seller courteous and professional. Always available through all channels: chat, email, phone Once the package even before the specified intervals. The description of the goods is very accurate and I found it really quality “.

It turns out, so quickly, that the satisfaction of all those who have turned to the online shop of webtappeti is top notch!

Scrolling through the photo gallery of product images, we discover over 1000 models of rugs: modern rugs, designer rugs, carpets economic cheap and chic, shaggy, trendy, classic, bathroom and kitchen, indoor, outdoor and children’s rugs.

… Not only those who purchased on Webtappeti confirms that the company is timely shipments, there are no shipping costs and you always have the chance to get advice from an expert designer!

And that competitive prices!

The prices are really affordable as compared to a traditional sales through specialty stores, you can shorten the distribution chain, coming to offer the artifacts at a highly competitive price.

There is even the angle of the virtual “Promotions carpet” that allows you to purchase at discounted prices!

How to buy on Webtappeti?

Very easy! Webtappeti on, the search for the right carpet for your home, office or room, can be made for color, model and type.

You can contact an experienced designer and talk chatting with him for information on the carpet chosen, on the invoice, on the measures and the possibility of making a carpet tailored to their homes.

The carpets of Webtappeti are in fact made with the collaboration of renowned designers and architects.

At this point, if you want more details, you just have to navigate in the Webtappeti and simulate a search to find the model that is right for you.

Good view of the numerous models and especially good buys on Webtappeti!

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12 Elements Inevitable For A Modern House

12 Elements Inevitable For A Modern House


To lighting surfaces, from furniture to materials, that such elements can not really miss the perfect modern home. Ready to write down the next 12 ideas to get gorgeous environments behind the times

We start without delay to browse this book of ideas!

Classic or design, the stairs are an important element if adapted to modern tastes. The basement can be a player, when used for the storage of objects or as a base for a small green area.

sanitary suspended

Modernity arrives in the bathroom, through the care of the environment in all its corners and even through the choice of suspended sanitary, clean lines.

creative shelves

Tired of the usual shelves For the perfect modern home plumbed your imagination and give shape to creative shelves, also made with recycled materials.


Modern environments welcome him with open arms, glass facades, transparent materials and so on and so forth, to bring down the visual and invasive barriers.

special characteristic

Especially within minimal and bicromatiche houses, decorative details characterizing have the power to give effect to interior design.

A wooden terrace

This extension gives rise to a simple outdoor terrace, with no walls or roof, but with a beautiful wooden floor. It almost seems to be a kind of personalized gallery, quiet and cozy, with polycarbonate or wood walls.

intriguing semi-transparencies

This is an extension suitable for any purpose. And ‘in fact, perfect for relaxing or spending time with family. Its construction is simple, and then the semi-transparent panel system that close it makes it extremely attractive when viewed from the outside ..

Rough wood

Not only the floor but also in furniture, raw wood becomes a warm and sincere must also ideal in contemporary homes.

effect lighting

recessed spotlights and designer lamps choose your scenic lighting to decorate and illuminate your rooms.

A wooden structure

The house was built of brick, a relatively inexpensive material and suitable if you want to save energy. In fact, it works as a perfect insulator, maintaining a comfortable temperature in both summer and winter. The extension of the house instead was built in wood, but this material has the same isolation and the same features of the previous material.

Comfort in the round

The new space is used to create comfort. The large dining area contains a series of cabinets as well as a small sitting area right next to the kitchen which is instead located in the original house.

The Best Way To Play CSR Racing 2 on android


Let’s start with the fact that the first part of this game I very much liked. Yes, here we have only to shift gears, but cut in at the right time acceleration. However, this is the first part of it is enough to keep me more than one or two hours. Advertise second part promised us many things, and once again everything was utter.

In the first place the whole thing begins with the plaintive learning that lasts, it seems endless. In the first part, too, the case was tedious, but not so. At the same time sufficiently long load between races and menu transitions. Not disastrous, but many. The first part of this too lightly sinned, but here everything is only exacerbated. After the training, we also did not leave at rest want constantly pops Madame offering view a 30-second video, in order to get 2 units of fuel. And as if the idea is not bad, but when it appears, the screen freezes and it seems that the game slows down. Let us add here that the game slows down map selection tasks, long time to boot a menu and now the idea of normal and transformed into a punishment for the players.

The whole scheme was left from previous Studio projects. The same gasoline, a long grind and modernization of machines, then we win the boss and move on, simultaneously buying a car a class above. Why change something that works so? Okay, but why do so online mode? Do not go there if you have accumulated a little money. understand this lag nightmare I never could. I just robbed 10k, although the first level about 6 races. 6 races with long load between them, pop-up madam, long load when choosing upgrades, pop-up again, Madame, card-loading and re-loading of a long race.

It seems like the game is about street racing. I would like to expand the customization, which used to be quite a little bit poor. Well, now it is even worse although earlier it was possible to stick a sticker. Now we can choose one worse than the other paint, paint the brakes and seat. Cool! Spoiler can not even stick. That is I wanted, will teach you how secrets are always win in the race on CSR 2

And then there is little hope that somehow will change the gameplay at high pumped machines. However, these machines have to live more grind rather tedious, little machines, and absolutely all of these machines were in the previous section, even their level is not changed. Passing game is not even desirable. Charts promised something I also did not see is not an impressive picture of cities, and the angle of the machine is not the most successful. In the first part, it was all right.

And this is not all. At every level, we will choose the of 2 machines, others only for Donat. Rated race even shocking in the first part I always won the car, it is me in the game and hold. Here I look at my 20.000 points and 6 000 000, which need to score to take the right place and get the prize car.

And to achieve a sign popped up for the fact that I am such a huge fan of the game and played in two of the previous (first CSR and Classic), I bestow a unique machine 1 level. This is despite the fact that I half-circulated already purchased. Given the fact that the garage is now limited to 6 cars, I decided to sell it. 604, it is not even a thousand, but just 604. The new machine level 2 is 72500. So the developer refers to his audience.

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2016 Nissan Titan XD Review


One of the most long-awaited premiere of the Detroit auto show was a new generation of pickup Nissan Titan. The current generation of models in reports sales of full-size pickups in the US in recent years has consistently ranked the last line, the reason for it was the venerable age “Titan” is practically not changed since its debut in 2003 and too scanty range of performances. Initially, talk about the change of generations “Titan” came back in 2008, the new Titan platform was to receive from the Ram 1500, but unfortunately, due to the partnership with Chrysler not held financial crisis.

The next time an update Titan talking winter of 2013, the vice-president of Nissan US division , said that the company is hard at work on the next generation pickup truck and expects to take with him from 5 to 7 percent of the market of US full-size pickups. In the same year it became known about the transition to the Nissan former CEO Ram Fred Diaz (Fred Diaz) and that the new Nissan Titan will receive the eight-diesel engine Cummins ISV volume of 5.0 liters. Then there was a tedious wait, serially diluted spy photos and video, as well as the official promotional materials , and then, finally, it happened the debut of the new generation Nissan Titan took place. On the day of the premiere, we will briefly set out the basic information about the Detroit debutant, and now it’s time detailed story.

Ever since the announcement of version with five-liter Cummins diesel engine rumors that Nissan is preparing a “heavy” version of the Titan HD, which will compete with the Ford F-250, Chevrolet Silverado 2500 and Ram 2500. These rumors came true only in part, the newest Nissan Titan will offered to customers in two versions: the Titan full-size plain, which is the direct heir of the modern “Titan”, and Titan XD pickup “light heavyweight”. Connoisseurs may recall that in 1997 1999 years Ford has released an interim version of pickup F-150 under the designation F-250 Light Duty (while “heavy» F-250 HD is also produced), perhaps, adjusted for age it can be called an analog of Titan XD. Both Titan will be produced at the Nissan plant in Canton (Canton), Missouri. The first to go on sale is “light heavyweight» Titan XD, they will appear at dealers later this year, the start of sales of conventional “Titans” is scheduled for 2016.

Unlike its predecessor, it is proposed with a single gasoline engine, the new Titan will receive a minimum of three engines: the aforementioned diesel and two petrol V6 and V8. Technical data is known only for the 5.0-liter diesel engine Cummins: new engine produces 310 hp power and a torque of 750 Nm. Titan XD Capacity with this engine is 907 kg, the maximum trailer weight 5.44 tonnes. Buy “light” the Titan with eight “Cummins” will not work, mnogolitrovy diesel version will be the prerogative of the XD. The diesel engine will be paired with a six-speed “automatic» Aisin, the version with manual transmission it (yet?) Is not. By the way, a new automatic transmission with a selector button manual gear is located on the steering column.

In addition to the power unit and Titan Titan XD will be different chassis design, chassis XD Series pickups will be thicker and will contain more high-strength steel frame than “light” Titans. To reduce vibration, the cab Titan XD will be attached to the frame by means of hydraulic supports. Titan Pendant retains scheme used in the current generation of pickup: front spring double wishbone, rear spring, both with twin-tube dampers, with the exception only of pick-up in the off-road performance of Pro-4X, they will be equipped with reinforced monotube dampers. Also, “light” and “light heavyweight” the Titan will be different sizes of brake discs: Titan XD get brake discs with a diameter of 14.2 inches in front and 14.4 inches in the rear, it’s more than the Ford F-250 and Chevrolet Silverado 2500!

The pickup will be offered with three different cab single-row Single Cab, King Cab-quarter and two-row Crew Cab and three variants of cargo compartments. The cargo area length of 5.5 feet (168 cm) will only be available for pickup cab Crew Cab, 6.5-foot (198 cm) for pickups with cabs King and Crew Cab and 8-foot (244 cm) for pickups with Single cabins and King Cab. Pickups will be available in five versions: the base S, «average» SV, off-road Pro-4X, «premium» SL and luxurious Premium Reserve. Pick-up can be equipped with LED lights, head lights high-power, 120-volt power outlet in the cab and the body, highlighting the cargo bay, sky cameras, etc. The quality of materials and the overall level of finish substantially increased compared to the modern Titan, presented in Detroit, the top version of the Platinum Reserve at first glance does not concede even pickups Ram in the top version Laramie.

How To Organize A Wedding Buffet, 7 Simple And Original Ideas

How To Organize A Wedding Buffet, 7 Simple And Original Ideas
How to organize a wedding buffet Here are 7 simple and original ideas to surprise your guests! The wedding buffet is an alternative idea and original to the classic wedding lunch. The essential feature that defines the refreshments buffet is the absence of fixed seats, while providing the necessary tables and chairs to sit.

To prepare with great style and creativity, the wedding buffet is ideal to have around him many friends and guests with whom to converse in complete freedom of movement. Organizing a wedding buffet still requires attention, even in the presentation of the various courses. However, choose the type of food your buffet depending on the style of your wedding, the date, time and place and you prefer a buffet themed wedding or plan an original buffet to amaze guests. Here then 7 original ideas to organize your wedding party!

Buffet with ethnic cuisine
What do you think of setting up an ethnic angle The buffet with ethnic foods will give your wedding reception truly a magical and unique! One of the trendiest ideas, in this period, for example, is that of the sushi buffet, able to intrigue all guests!

Corner of cigars
Original idea and then to create corners dedicated to the tasting of cigars, combining them with spirits, liqueurs, chocolate, cocoa beans and coffee beans A corner to devote to smokers with a selection of tobacco and cigars designer!

The buffet for a wedding picnic
If your wedding will take place in spring or summer, the wedding outdoor picnic formula could be a truly original idea. The buffet will all be based on simple and rustic dishes (pies, pasties, omelettes, cheese, small sandwiches, jams, sandwiches and tasty sandwiches) mostly eaten with your hands.

Buffet of chocolate
A buffet of cakes and chocolate candy, chocolates, bring to a chocolate or even a fountain of melted chocolate with pieces of fresh fruit, it will be appreciated by all greedy guests!

Candy Buffet
Literally means table of candy, or a table full of joyful and colorful goodies sugar. Organized then a candy buffet with cake pops, candy, lollipops and colored confetti to more tastes. Your guests will fill the bags with these delights and, portandosele at home, continue to think of romantic bride and groom!

Buffet of finger food
If you want to give an impression informal, young and dynamic at the reception, you can prepare a finger food buffet. The finger food buffet is very nice and of great impact, in fact, all the dishes are arranged in artistic and nice way to create a harmony of shapes and colors!

Eczema In Children, Treat It With Natural Remedies

Eczema In Children, Treat It With Natural Remedies
How to cure and treat eczema in children, all you need to know about this kind of disease and how to act by relying on medicinal herbs. On the advice of Dr. Claudia Pelagi.

The eczema is one of the most frequent diseases of the skin, is an inflammatory reaction of the skin to various external and internal factors. The substance to which you are allergic causes the organism defense mechanisms that block the attacker, but this implies an increase of histamine and histamine-like substances in the circulation.

The most frequent forms in children have atopic dermatitis and seborrheic one. The first is a chronic form of the type often associated with allergic rhinitis and asthma, although they can occur at any age is more frequent in children. That seborrheic is characterized by an altered composition of the sebum containing more cholesterol, triglycerides and paraffins. In nursing infants it is also called cradle cap, is manifested by redness and oily spots, scaly, yellowish.

From studies underlines the crucial involvement in this type of food allergies and the importance of breastfeeding as a preventive measure Also if breastfeeding should appear eczema, meaning that there was a passage of allergens through breast milk, it is therefore appropriate that mothers do not consume the foods to which they are allergic.

Most important is to maintain the correct eubiosis, ie the balance of intestinal bacterial flora; generally in addition to a particularly permeable gut mucosa leading to overstimulation of the immune system, with the risk of developing more allergies or food intolerance, there is a tendency to excessive proliferation of Candida albicans in the gut. So good probiotics must be taken to restore the proper bacterial flora and at the same time in case of excessive proliferation of candida associate a product that would eliminate such an imbalance, such as grapefruit seed.

The cutaneous manifestations should never be suppressed otherwise toxins and hence the disease itself penetrate into a deeper layer of the organism, which in the long run leads to a chronic and subsequently a degeneration. The cutaneous problems are the manifestation of the fact that the physical works for us and will continue to manifest problems until the internal organs are not fully purified. Are medicinal plants that carry a skin drainage and internal organs such as glycerine macerate Walnut and Juniper glycerine macerate (of course put in warm water to evaporate the small dose of alcohol containing) should therefore take.

The Shabby-Chic Style Is For Everyone True Or False

The Shabby-Chic Style Is For Everyone True Or False


established trend in the most romantic souls and, among others, the fans of DIY, the shabby-chic continues to hit the mark and remains undaunted in the top 5 of the most quoted currents to furnish the house.

Inspired by the British context and so dear to the cottage of the countryside, this style, whose name coined by The World Interiors magazine in the 80’s, still it avails of typical peculiar elements of the houses of the past, even making its flag. The art of the so-called upcycling appears here for the strategic evolution of style, according to which every well-worn element may find new life. All that it appears slightly degraded, worn or consumed by time, is recovered only to be revisited in a contemporary way. Lamps from Deco furniture with profiles accompany then elaborate finishes and woodwork equally refined, including a ubiquitous decorative taste and a heavy dose of wood. But how many know the truth about this style Many, however, the myths to be dispelled

Then we look back through some true and false, the diktats of the shabby style design to shed more light on the subject and take a cue to beautify our environments!

Not for everyone true!

The shabby-chic style are well known, it is not for everyone. The taste that favors the Provencal fabrics, pickled wood and romantic paintings, not in fact always met consensus. Always the ethereal shabby clashes with the equally rigorous and quoted minimalism that has nothing to do with the first, if not a large use of white. By lucky guess Rachel Ashwell, founder of the homonymous company, until the reinterpretation of shabby in the current and revised key here is that the characteristics of this trend are not suitable for everyone. There are also many factors that confirm this, and that appear fundamental to this genre, most notably, the propensity for the DIY, a must absolutely essential.

It is not present false!

Playing on the oxymoron, we have to admit that the shabby style is not newly discovered, because of the importance that the furniture of the past continue to keep even in the current times. However this is the real breakthrough the timeless elegance of retro furniture, and rediscovered effect charm used convey the shabby reviving everything that border, according precisely the dell’upcycling logic. An old chest of drawers will then return to shine in the hands, bedrooms and entrance of this genre, becoming undoubtedly the real hero of the environment. Furthermore, although this love for the poor art is well established, this does not mean that it is outdated and therefore less current, indeed the use of white and light wood, perfectly rides the wave of contemporary and hits the mark in each retelling.

Comparison Of Honda CBR 250RR And Kawasaki Ninja 250 FI 2016


Honda CBR250RR comparison vs Kawasaki Ninja 250. The segment of motor sport class 250 cc certainly will be more crowded with the presence of motor sport the latest Honda, All New Honda CBR250RR. The latest Supersport Honda is going to challenge the 10 models of motor sport in orbitindo other segments of the same one of the Kawasaki Ninja 250 Fi who became a favorite.

As a new player, of course Honda CBR250RR this will be compared to the Kawasaki Ninja 250 Fi head to head both in terms of design, features, and price is a pretty interesting to compare.

Honda CBR250RR comparison vs Kawasaki Ninja 250 Fi:


In terms of the second design of this bike has the distinction that does so much. Kawasaki Ninja 250 Fi brings the design refers to motor sport at the Kawasaki Superbike, Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Ninja ZX-10R. With this design, the motor of the gang named “this sport more viscous impression.

While Honda CBR250RR carry designs that are really fresh. The manufacturer of this wing of the symbol does not replicate the model Honda CBR1000RR superbike, but carrying the design of light weight supersport that had exhibited some time ago. In addition, Honda CBR250RR has its own individual characteristics i.e. the tip of the exhaust the forked not owned by Ninja.


Honda CBR250RR and Kawasaki Ninja has the features of the flagship. Honda CBR250RR, throtle feature embedded by wire that mated with a three-mode drive ranging from comfort, sport, and sport +. In addition, the use of front suspension Showa upside down of the more sporty impression made on a motor is increased. On the speedometer, motor a quarter liter of Honda is already using technology full digital.

Meanwhile, Kawasaki Ninja 250 Fi using the flagship technology of the slipper clutch of superbike racing motorcycles, to reduce the effect of tire slip when the engine brake. But unfortunately, in the suspension still uses telescopic suspension and the speedometer is still a combination of analog and digital.


Although there is no official price from Honda, but from site motorcomcom supersport Honda is in the range of Usd 63-68 million in standard version and Rp 69-74 million on ABS model.

While Kawasaki Ninja 250 with price Rp 58.4 million in standard version and Rp 68.9 million for Ninja 250 FI ABS Limited which is the highest version of the visor, with additional height, frame sliders, wide rims and a single seat cover.

Honda CBR250RR comparison vs Kawasaki Ninja 250 Fi:

The All New Honda CBR250RR

Length x width x height: 1,731 x 724 x 1,098 mm
Wheelbase: an 1,389 mm
Ground Clearance: 145 mm
Seat height: 790 mm
Tank capacity 14.5 litres:
Engine: 4-stroke, 8 valve, Two-cylinder engine I4
Capacity: 249.7 cc
Diameter x Measures: 62.0 x 41.4 mm
Compression ratio: 11.5:1
Cooling: Liquid with Auto Electric Fan
Fuel Supply: PGM-FI
System Throttle: Throttle-By-Wire System, Accelerator Position Sensor
Transmission: Manual 6 Speed
Starter System: Electric Starter
Clutch: Multiplate Wet Clutch
Lubrication: Wet Type
Oil capacity: 1.9 litre (any replacement)
Ignition: Full Transisterized
Spark plug: NGK Iridum-9 SILMAR8C
Battery: 12V 7Ah – MF
Chassis: Truss Frame
Front tire: 110/70R17
Rear tire: 140/70R17
Front brake: 2 Piston Caliper Disc (ABS & non-ABS)
Rear brake: Disc, Caliper Piston 1 (ABS & non-ABS)
Front suspension: Inverted Telescopic
Rear suspension: Monoshock Swing Arm,-Aluminum 5 Setup with Pro-Link System

Kawasaki Ninja 250 FI

Length x width x height: 2,010 x 715 x 1,100 mm
Wheelbase: 1,400 mm
Seat height: 785 mm
Tank capacity: 5 litres
Engine: 4-stroke, 8 valve, Two-cylinder engine I4
Capacity: 249 cc
Diameter x Measures: 62.0 x 41.2 mm
Cooling: Liquid
Fuel Supply: Injection
Transmission: Manual 6 Speed
Starter System: Electric Starter
Clutch: Multiplate Wet Clutch
Lubrication: Wet Type
Chassis: Tubular
Front tire: 110/70R17
Rear tire: 140/70R17 (150/60R17 version SE Limited ABS)
Front brake: 2 Piston Caliper Disc (ABS & non-ABS)
Rear brake: 2 Piston Caliper Disc (ABS & non-ABS)
Front suspension: Telescopic 37 mm
Rear suspension: Unitrak Gas 5-level Setup

Pierre The Pelican – New Orleans Mascot

pierre the pelican

New Orleans – For the series “Night Shift” here’s a new episode of “Defense wins games, mascots sell tickets”, in which we will tell you about the strange case of Pierre, the mascot of the fledgling franchise in New Orleans: The Pelicans.

As most people know, the race 7 of the last NBA Finals has not only enshrined in the second triumph for the Miami Heat but also the end of the “Hornets” in New Orleans (do not worry, the brand with the largest bee returns associated with current Charlotte Hornets, who, as announced by Michael Jordan, will change name and logo), and in summer they completed the change of “suit”, becoming in the New Orleans Pelicans.

The name change and leads logo, necessarily, also the change of mascot, so here October 30 at Smoothie King Center, before Pelicans-Pacers, including the home fans will check a special and quite flashy, often appearing in midfield, as if to draw the whole arena attention to himself and his strange and controversial aspect is the Pierre pelican, unaware of what soon would unleash his “questionable” look.

“Totally awesome” (USA Today), “The scariest thing ever” (SB Nation), “We should kill him with fire” (CBS): no, not the classic review of a book or a film made from sites internet, but these are the descriptions of Pierre dates from three of the major US sports newspapers.

In fact, just looking at the pictures above, it seems difficult to disagree with these words of disapproval, often accompanied by complaints of parents and children, systematically frightened by this volatile whenever Anthony Davis and Co. down to the field, so to improve the situation come what all the mascots of America fear: an accident of injury “game”, as reported by the press office of Pelicans: February 8 in the “facility” (training center) of Pelicans staged a practice match between colleagues; the participants, in addition to Pierre landlord, Rocky (mascot of the Denver Nuggets), Slamson (Sacramento Kings), Gumbo (New Orleans Saints, NFL) and Grizz (Memphis Grizzlies). During a penetration to the basket of our, Pierre was just a foul to Grizz to crash the pelican against the structure (albeit protected by pillows) of the basket: the diagnosis need reconstruction surgery” (in the photo of the moment of impact).

So, thanks to the intervention of the curator of birds the Audubon Zoo Carolyn Atherton and under the supervision of Dr. Mathew McQueen (physical trainer of the team), Pierre was operated all’Ochsner Medical Center to be put back on track before the All-Star weekend of February 14-16, where, going on stage right in New Orleans, would (and actually did) had to do the honors.

As stated the various experts who were involved in the operation, the big problem was the lack of frequency with which the pelicans have this kind of illness, “often it has to do with eye problems or wings, but few rarely It shows damage to the beak. Fortunately, the patient is very strong, the surgery went perfectly and Pierre, once the bandages removed (photo on the right, author’s note), will be able to participate in the All-Star Weekend without problems. “Said Carolyn Atherton and, indeed, things went exactly as planned, with the bird had been to the Rising Stars game on Sunday without feeling any kind of discomfort. If you are wondering if there is another country in which can be designed and these things happen, the answer is “no”: “only in the U.S.A.”.

P.S. If you’re planning a visit to New Orleans with your children, do not worry: now Pierre is a lot nicer, in line with the aesthetic standards of his fellow NBA: in the photo, you can see cara membuat kostum badut now.

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