New Car Care Tips With Good and Right, For Car Engine Durability

On this occasion we will give you tips on caring for a new car with the good. Maybe we provide tips that can be useful for those of you who just have a new car vehicle. Having a new car is a struggle and hard work to achieve what we want, and fruitless.

We have had many successful people in his work and bought his dream car. But usually people who have recently had a new car not yet know how where how to care for a new car properly.sometimes people think his service later the car was new. Well, that’s those who do not know the automotive world. Kredit Toyota Avanza

Caring for a New Car With Good

So like where the heck do I perform maintenance on the vehicle new car is good and right. Do not be a longer length we just headed to the treatment regimen on a new car is good and right.

Steps – Steps to Take Care New Cars:

  • Keeping Paint

If there are stains on your car, you should wash it off with soap or shampoo that is specifically for the car. In addition, if you are finished washing do not forget to wipe it with a special cloth for cars (Using Lap smooth). Next, you can park your car in a garage or cover your car with a cloth cover.

  • Changing Oil Regularly

Oil change car helps you follow the appropriate procedure that has been provided in the manual of your new car. At the turn of the oil in the car when it is usually the first to be shorter than at the turn after that. It is intended that your car engine is not quickly broken. Yes, well heck you do not be late for oil, what else you every day activity and using your car as a tool transportrasi every day.

  • Using fuel quality or good

In addition, the new car maintenance, fuel usage was influential for your new car engine. Usually because using the wrong fuel could lead to the ignition ana quickly broken. In addition, the performance of the power your car will no longer optimal. So it is in to use quality fuels such as pertamax or pertamax plus.

  • Using Radiator Water Quality

In the cooling system as well, you must enable the attention on your new car. Do not use water abroad – random and if you can use the cooling water is of good quality.

  • Avoid the use of High-Speed

We recommend that if your car is new, stay away from high speed or speeding, because it will accelerate the damage to your car engine. Because components – components that are in the new car engines still need treatment.

  • Transmission Control True

Use transmission according to road conditions you are going through, or to speed. One example is on low speed using a low gear as well, and vice versa.

  • Expenses Ideal Match On Cars

The next treatment is matched to the load of the weight that ideal in your car, but it avoided if overloaded. It will make your car less in terms of engine performance and will result in rapid deterioration. In addition, you should stay away from sudden braking, stay away from sun exposure at the time of parking, as well as to stains Car.

Thus we can information for you regarding tips on caring for a new car is good and right. Hopefully the above info can broaden your automotive world. Thanks.

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Ensure LPG Gas Safety at Home

It seems not possible so we do not hear about the rampant cases of LPG cylinder explosion that occurred in people’s homes lately. Really sad to hear that the victims are mostly women (there is even pregnant!)  Pertamina Solusi Bahan Bakar Berkualitas dan Ramah Lingkungan As well as small children. If initially we often hear these cases occurred in the use of 3 kg gas cylinder, now even many also occur in homes that use gas cylinders of 12 kg. I myself was concerned really, how can ya we want to turn on the stove to cook and just have to risk their lives?

Anyway, while waiting for the definitive government action to tackle these problems, we ourselves make sure yuk if your kitchen safe from these terrible events. Previous perhaps we should remind ourselves not to leave it entirely to the housekeeper. Our safety and children is the responsibility of us all. Maid might be careless or uninformed about the security of gas cylinders, so make sure that we also know how the condition of the kitchen, stoves and gas cylinders that we use

How to safely use LPG safely and correctly:

  1. Use LPG equipment (tube, stove, regulator and hose) according to the Indonesian National Standard (SNI).
  2. Stoves and LPG tube was placed in a flat and in a room that has good air circulation.
  3. Ideally kitchen ventilation is in the bottom wall and leading to a safe place given the gravity of LPG is heavier than air so if a leak ELPIJI will be at the bottom or the kitchen door open.
  4. Hose must be securely fastened with a clamp on the regulator or the stove.
  5. LPG tube is placed away from the stove or other sources of ignition and must be sought not exposed to heat.
  6. Install the regulator on LPG cylinder valve (regulator knob position pointing downwards). Make sure the regulator can not be separated from the LPG cylinder valve.
  7. Make sure the hose is not crushed or bent.
  8. Check out possible gas leak from the tube, stove, hose and regulator in a way wash with soapy water on the leak-prone parts (regulator connection with the valve tube, hose connection to the regulator and stove). In the event of a leak will occur air bubbles in the soapy water and a distinctive smell of LPG.
  9. LPG Stoves circuit is ready and safe to use. How to use a good cooker
    • Press and turn the burner knob counter-clockwise.
    • Turn the knob to the off position (indicated by a clicking sound) when finished.

Special Tips:

  • Kitchen space into one with a dining room or bedroom and has no ventilation or air circulation is good it should be noted regarding the following:
    • In the early morning after waking up and going to turn the
      stove should be reassured »» no accumulation of gas in the room by opening the door / window first. ELPIJI distinctive odor will not smell when we’re cold and we will experience the smell immune to the smell when we’ve been exposed to such odors in a long time.
    • At the time of enclosed space left for a long time, when opening a door »» must be convinced that in these spaces accumulation does not occur due to leakage of LPG before turning on electricity and other sources of ignition.
  • Do not flashy-plug valve tube when LPG is not out of the tube, change with the seller or the nearest dealer
  • Do not use gas stoves and kerosene stoves simultaneously in one room.
  • Do not turn on the stove if the smell of LPG leaked.

How to Take Care of Gas Tube and Fittings with True?

tubes ELPIJI

  • Tubes must be in a standing position.
  • Gas cylinders should not be exposed to direct sunlight or other heat sources.
  • Tubes must not be thrown or rolled.
  • Avoid open flames (light oil, cigarettes).
  • Tubes must be stored in a dry place, not wet and not expected to corrode.
  • Valve on the tube to be treated well and not be disturbed.
  • Rubber gaskets must always be present.
  • Make sure when buying a seal cap still attached. Plastic wrapping valve.


  • Avoid the bites of animals, such as mice, incision sharp objects or exposed flame.
  • Do not get squashed hose folded position.
  • Must be cleaned of food debris spilled so as not to attract rats.
  • Perform daily checks at intervals to determine the leak.

Clamps / Rings Safety

  • Make sure really tight mounting clamps on the hose connection between the stove and the hose with the regulator in order to avoid leaks.

Gas stove

  • Always cleaned regularly on a daily basis.
  • Do not use kerosene stoves simultaneously with the use of a gas stove, especially when installing the regulator.

Always check the hoses, clamps, Valve and Regulator, if there are indications that went wrong brought immediately to the agency.

How to identify and solve the leakage of LPG?

  1. Typical smell of LPG gas sting
  2. There embunan on LPG tubes usually exist around the tube welding line, neck ring, foot valve and connection to the ring
  3. There is a hissing sound in the regulator.

Easy Ways to Detect Gas Leaks | Tips to Detect Gas Leaks

Some ways to detect gas leaks: Liquid gas contained in the gas stove odorless. If then we smell the specialty of the gas, the gas has been added due to the sort of odorants (odor substance). That meant that we immediately “awake” so smell. Thus, we do not do things – things that can make the gas exploded.



Leaks can be caused because the stove is not sealed, leaky hoses, hose connections or stove is not meeting, or the regulator is not working properly.

If you smell gas, immediately open windows and doors. Then, unplug the regulator attached and turn off the faucet stove. Do not forget, not once – ever blame electrical switch, a lighter or a candle or a lit match.

Then, quickly find the source of the leak. How to look similar to the way a tire repairman looking for the source of the leak. Apply soapy water on the suspected leak. At the leaking section, a layer of soap will bubble.

Try not to spray the fire with water or other fire. This method is able to put the fire out. But gas is still flowing even potentially explosive. So, the best way is to stop the flow of gas by closing the tap stove. So that the tube did not join explode, wet tubes with cool water or wet sack

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Tasty and Nutritious, following Nutrition Information and Benefits of Quail Eggs

Who does not know with quail eggs? Eggs are small tasty and delicious when eaten turns out the nutritional content and nutritional should not be underestimated. Quail eggs are a popular commodity farm community. In addition to its affordability, the quail eggs can easily be encountered in many places in Indonesia. As with the other eggs, quail eggs nutritional value and benefits that are not less good than other eggs. Even the nutrient content in quail eggs tiggi mentioned more than the nutirisi nutrition in chicken eggs.

Well, so for those of you that do not currently have a small-sized likes eggs after learning that nutrition in quail eggs higher than other eggs, if you are not tempted to consume? As information that quail egg has a special place in the hearts of his fans, especially in Europe, classified as quail eggs fancy food dish.

Generally, a tiny quail egg weighs 10 grams to 12 grams. However, the content of quail eggs provide many elements needed by the body so that the body of nutrients and nutrition are met. In fact, the nutritional value of the tiny quail eggs turned out to be three to four times larger than the chicken egg. Well, to find out more details and benefits more nutritional content of what is contained in quail eggs, see the following explanation.

Nutritional content In Every 100 grams of Quail Eggs

  • Energy = 168 kcal
  • Protein = 13,1 g
  • Fat = 11.1 g
  • Riboflavin = 0,478 mg
  • Carbohydrates = 1.0 g
  • = 64 mg calcium
  • Acid Phantothenat = 1,438 mg
  • Iron = 3.65 mg
  • Vitamin B6 = 0,143 mg
  • Kolin = 263,4 mg
  • Phosphorus = 226 mg
  • Vitamin B12 = 1,58 mkg
  • Potassium = 132 mg
  • Natrium = 141 mg
  • Vitamin E = 1,08 mg
  • Seng = 1,47 mg
  • Copper = 0,062 mg
  • Cholesterol = 844 mg
  • Mangan = 0,038 mg
  • Lutein+zeaksantin = 369 mkg
  • Selenium = 32,0 mg
  • Thiamin = 0,069 mg
  • Niacin = 0.07 mg
  • Magnesium = 13 mg
  • Vitamin K = 0,3 mkg
  • Vitamin A = 543 IU

Well, based on the nutrient content of the above, we can conclude the benefits of quail eggs. In every 100 grams of quail eggs can contribute 168 kcal. Although the amount of energy is not proportional to the energy which is attached to the rice and cassava, but the least amount of energy that can help meet your daily energy needs. Only, need to be supported once the consumption of other foods so that the energy source from other food ingredients that the body remains powered.

Besides the protein content contained in quail eggs are larger and higher than the chicken egg. Which, these proteins play an important role in human life as well as in a network builder cell, forming a human RNA and DNA, as energy reserves and contribute to the support of one’s intelligence.

Well, so it would not hurt if you start today to include a menu of quail eggs to be used as a daily diet for you and your family so that the benefits and abundant nutrients that are so good for your health is what you get.

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Properly Clean The Microwave To Avoid Ruin

Properly Clean The Microwave To Avoid Ruin
Some tips to make some periodic maintenance that will allow the microwave to function better and longer.

The maintenance of a microwave oven is much simpler of the amounts of gas or electric. A first good idea is to pass a wet cloth on the interior walls of the appliance to remove splashes and food debris after each use, thus avoiding having to fool more cleaning it rarely.

Never pour liquid detergent or in the microwave, but limited to a damp sponge (not too wet) for both internal and for external walls.

If you cook something in the microwave with a strong odor, such as fish, the oven may rimanerne impregnated long, you can get around this problem by using lemon juice Enter in a microwave bowl with half water and half lemon juice and you cook for a few minutes later, when pass a sponge to remove the condensate asporterai even the toughest deposits, softened by steam.

Lemon juice as well as vinegar are the remedies used in the kitchen, in many other cases.

If advancing the bread, however, you can opt for the classic panzanella, adding simple ingredients always present in every home as tomato oil and salt, to get to the more traditional ribollita using poor foods such as beans, cabbage, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes and beets already cooked accompanyin stale bread. But also the fruit can be easily recovered if caramelized cooked jam or simply to become fruit salad.

These tips provided by household agricultural entrepreneurs are highly topical in a situation in which two Italians out of three (65 percent) have reduced or eliminated food wastage due to the crisis, according to the survey Coldiretti-SWG Among those who ridim ensionato waste 67 percent did so – concluded Coldiretti – by shopping more wisely, 59 percent using what’s left over for the next meal, 40 percent by reducing the doses purchased and 38 percent looking with more attention to the expiration date. It is perhaps the only positive element of the crisis in a country like Italy where, because of the waste from farm to table, food is lost for more than ten million tons, said the president of Coldiretti Sergio Marini in mind that in Italian food waste equivalent to an annual value of 11 billion euro.

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The Leader Must Be The Master Of Himself

The Leader Must Be The Master Of Himself
We have seen that leadership is accompanied by some attitudes and dispositions that can be recognized and trained as determinants in the formation of driving behavior, such as the ability to build relationships of trust, sharing of knowledge, knowing how to manage conflicts, use the flexible thinking , build a horizon (vision) for which to strive, results-oriented and not activity, the ability to take the role of co-workers, the ability to listen.

The leader is also characterized by the pleasure of surprising the employees to do the right things, giving them immediate positive acknowledgments, valuing the strengths of its employees. It is, however, shy away from authoritarianism and formalism, to establish with employees really cooperative and informal relationships. Live with their employees, understand their pains, set an example of being able to hold their labors preceding them everywhere; This humanity of who should command, takes nothing away from the obligation to be tough and demanding in the command. He loves the change and assumes the risk; has entrepreneurial spirit and possesses the ability to innovate, that is, to find a way to do something new, it never has done before or different. He who wants to become a leader, or is already, must develop this ability to innovate and innovate, trying to develop a mind as flexible as possible, working on the following aspects the curiosity, which is a stronger driver of innovation; knowing how to focus on a goal or a goal; the tenacity that has the ability to start to look for new ways to solve a given problem; imagination, rejecting the obvious so to take the first step towards innovation.

The will of doing, ie the drive to try harder, to do my best not content with mediocre results in the sense of being able to withstand naturally present physical and mental stress of work; to distribute properly the effort in the course of the day; to manage himself with self-control and endurance; aware that the effort is not muscle but nervous and, therefore, the hard work for the resistance, the tenacity, the will, and self-respect; knowing how to make the best use of the energy you have and know how to regenerate when it is used.

The leader tends, in short, in all its activities to excellence, looking for a link between long-term vision and daily operations; between business development and meeting the needs of the people included in the organization. The condition common to all successful leader is knowing how to program that is, the careful, rigorous care of the time.

Cheesecake Soft-Hearted

Cheesecake Soft-Hearted

300 grams biscuits
220g soft butter
3 eggs
80 grams sugar
250 grams mascarpone
250 grams philadelphia
1 tablespoon flour
1/2 lemon
200 grams of jam with wild fruit


Chop the biscuits vel. Turbo for a few seconds
Add the butter and work 20 sec. 4 vel. remove the dough, knead a little with your hands and roll it out on a baking sheet and refrigerate. Beat the egg whites until stiff and set aside
In the cover closed to put the butterfly with egg yolks and sugar 2 min 4 vel
Add philadelphia, mascarpone and flour 40 sec 4 vel. and add the egg whites for 15sec 2 vel.
Spread the mixture over the biscuits and bake 30 minutes at 170 degrees
Once cool heat the jam with lemon x seconds stirring constantly and spread on cake

Chantilly strawberry


2 eggs
500 ml of fresh whole milk
80 grams of sugar
40 grams of corn starch (cornstarch)
1/2 organic orange zest
100 ml whipped cream
100 grams chopped fresh strawberries

For the dough

250 grams flour 00
50 grams frumina or potato starch
3 eggs
120 grams of sugar
100 grams of milk
130 grams of seed oil
1 tablespoon baking cakes pe


Pour in the bowl all ingredients except whipped cream and strawberries into small pieces
Bake for 7 minutes 90 ° speed. 4
Pour the cream in a bowl with plastic wrap and allow to cool in contact
When it is cold add the whipped cream, stirring gently from bottom to top
After all you amalgamated add the strawberries into small pieces and set aside

For the dough

Pour into the bowl the sugar and orange zest biologic. Chop for 10 sec. vel. 9
Add eggs, mix for 30 seconds. vel. 5
With the moving blades add from the hole of the milk and the oil to cover the whole speed 5 for 30 seconds
Enter the flour, mix: 30 sec. vel. 5
Finally, add the yeast, mix 10 sec. vel. 5
Pour half the mixture into a mold previously buttered
Pour the Chantilly cream by spoonfuls and finally cover with the dough
Bake in oven at 180 ° for 40 minutes

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Tips for Choosing and Buying Branded Kids Wear

Seen a bevy of mothers who are talking about branded children clothing in a residential complex consisting of the head of the family with a job as a servant of the state. Some how clothing branded children today are highly sought after by the moms. Actually, not only in the residential complex, but almost all the mother talking about branded children clothing .


Branded children clothing ? Well, kids clothing jubah saudi anak laki laki branded or better known as children’s clothes brand to be one of the target for the mother. Quality branded children clothing, of course, makes the mother prefers the product compared to the clothes without brand. However, not a few who do not understand that kids clothing branded products are also included in one of the products in the country. Therefore, exports of clothing to another country that requires its own brand so as to introduce the products of the nation in another country.

Well, how do I find and buy branded children clothing itself? Usually factories holding branded children clothing product would have the name the rest of the production. Remaining production of branded children’s clothes there were partly destroyed and those that are resold at low prices. Cheap? Bad quality dong? Eits … make no mistake. Residual products branded children clothing exports do not all have the quality and poor quality. Of the remaining branded children’s clothing exports will be in distribution to some children’s clothes business customers.How do I find out? Easy, now branded children clothing can be purchased and consumed by your children by buying them online and offline.

The majority of branded children clothing sold online for selling or buying online will automatically eliminate the culture clueless that there are still many in our country. But, be careful in choosing the online store branded children clothing as well. Because, there are also some elements that utilize branded children clothing business as a field for a crime like defraud consumers with images. In addition, children clothing, branded obtained with shopping online is usually obtained at a low price and quality is still very good indeed. So, welcome to choose and buy clothes branded children well …

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Definition and Benefits of Email Part 2

Accessing Email

E-mail was originally stored in a mailserver. Generally, if a connection using ISP’s connection to the Internet, he will be given one free email. E-mail that is received will be stored on the ISP’s mail server.

  • Wearing a ‘browser’, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. This method is said to be web-based, means we use media sites as well as a link to the e-mail box. For example: Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. To access it, the user should be in a state of online. Web-based email services are generally prepared by free email service providers.
  • Wearing accessed the email program (email client), such as: Eudora Mail, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mutt. By using a program like this, one must know the configuration of which can be obtained from the ISP. The advantage that can read e-mails without being connected to a continuous way with the internet as well as a few tens of even a few hundred emails can be received and delivered by the same way. Another advantage that this software provides some editing functions as well as reading email in a way offline.

Ethics Use of Email

Ethics in the same email sent to ethics in general wrote. There are emails that contain no formal informal. Some important points:

  • Do not send an email with attachments (attachment) is too large (approximately 1 mb). Not many people have fast Internet access, and there is the possibility of attachments that exceed the recipient’s email capabilities, so it is not acceptable mailserver receiver. Beyond that, look also that some email providers also apply restrictions on the number, type, and size of emails that can be received (and sent) the wearer.
  • Do not send more (forward) email without thinking about the benefits to the intended person.
  • Always fill in the subject field, do not pass up empty.
  • Do not use all capital letters because it can cause your impression of SHOUTING.
  • And certainly, with a decent life sentence. Sometimes a thing that we noted will effectively not the same as what we actually mean.


Security of data in email is not secure and there is always a possibility open to the public, in terms of everything it contains can be read by others. This sort of thing because the e-mail because it will go through many servers before arriving at the destination. There is a possibility there are people who tap the email that delivered it.

Email can be secured by randomization techniques (encryption). One of the popular encryption program that PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). By using PGP contents will be encrypted, and only those which are mapped to decrypt and read the email. The disadvantage of making complicated the shipper and the receiver (because both must have the PGP program, as well as the sender also must have the recipient’s public key, and encrypts the message with that key).

developments Email

Beginning in the 1980s email can already be enjoyed by the public, either free or paid email. Nowadays many web-based email obtained by way free by Google, Microsoft, Telkom, Yahoo and others. Ability is also varied ranging from 100 mb up to unlimited.

As a result, today many companies post in some countries decreased revenue because people prefer email as a medium to deliver the message.

understanding Email

Email is a letter by electronic media. Email actually stands for “Electronic Mail”.Through email we can send electronic mail either in the form of text or with images, delivered from one email address to another address in the Internet network. If we send a letter through the mail we can gain some benefit. Among them, using email letter (information) that we send to other email addresses will be quickly accepted, beyond the cost we spend quite cheap. An email address username@host.domain generally have a similar format. Now these ISPs that provide services free email creation in a way that Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. For example, we can make through email with the name of

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20 Benefits of Avocados for Pregnant Mother and Fetus

Avocados and already often alluded to the many parties as custodian of health measures that need to be noticed. This sort of thing just normal considering this fruit has nearly 20 vitamins and minerals in a number of presentation only.


The content of avocado or avocado, which is already in the know, namely potassium, lutein and folate. Various vitamins such as vitamin B, C, E and others also exist in the fruit juice beverage is made public. Another advantage would be that low sugar content, but rich in fiber. Although the fruit is high in fat, but still not safe when consumed in excess because they contain fat that is good fat, which is fat and not lose a single.

Avocado for pregnant women are familiar fruits are often eaten. The Latin name of avocado is Persea Americana. The fruit that comes from Mexico have become one among the fruit is recommended as a healthy food for pregnant women.

The residence pain the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, which is affiliated Harvard campus, explain at least Pregnant women have tips that need to be observed.When pregnancy is the right moment for back routine compliance review nutrients . Pregnant women need to do consultation and treatment when experiencing nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite and will lose weight.

Benefits of Avocados for Pregnant Women

Here are some avocados for pregnant women:

1. Avoid deformities in babies that will be born

Folic acid for baby needs in the development of organs. Folic acid deficiency results in bone deformities in infants moments before birth. Deformity is teeth remains that irregular jaw problems because the middle of a natural change, the ceilings are very form in a curved, future natural milk teeth delays to date.

2. Avoid neurological defects in fetuses

Not only avoid deformities, folate in avocados also prevent neural defects in the fetus . Pregnant women can eat some avocado 1/2 cup, in each of the cut contains 59 mcg of folic acid. (See also: foods to avoid birth defects)

3. Avoiding complications

At the time of pregnancy there is a state of one’s natural mother fatigue, folic acid is known to avoid complications, anemia, insomnia, heart sudden change of situation and preeclampsia. Preklamsia namely high blood pressure in pregnant women, the cause of death in infants, because of lead poisoning in infants.Problems that can last 5-8% of pregnancies.

4. Consumption of Calcium

Throughout pregnancy body purposes rose manifold. fitting when the note dietary calcium. Here, the role of avocado to oblige. Efficacy of calcium for pregnant women as well as the building block of bone formation in infants.

5. Contain Vitamin C

Vitamin C in pregnant women is to accelerate the absorption of iron (Fe) in the body. This sort of thing is because pregnant women often experience anemia.Steps to protect the pregnancy in order to keep healthy by eating vitamin C can not worry about the natural chemistry of excellence. This sort of thing even less well because can lead to miscarriage, because vitamin C resulted in greater pressure on progesterone.

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Choosing the right fireplace to increase the value of your home!

On winter nights there is nothing like a hug in front of the fire with a loved one. The warmth of the fireplace are welcome on cold days, and the smell of burning wood adds to the cozy atmosphere of a home. The fireplace makes a great gathering place and many families enjoyed relaxing around the fireplace in the evening to talk or watch television together.

Hasil gambar untuk Tips membeli perapian rumah

The fireplace is also interesting and adds to the character of the house. Fireplace mantel ideas a beautiful fireplace can be the focal point of the room, or the homeowner may choose to shrink the fireplace. Fireplace design should complement the style of the room. A fireplace covered in floral design will look out of place in a room decorated in a sleek modern style. Thought will also be given to the size of a fireplace, because a large fireplace will beat small rooms and a small fireplace that would be lost in a cave room. There are a lot of different fireplace designs and styles to choose from to accentuate the room and expresses the personality of the homeowner, and we will discuss some popular options.

Fireplace bricks

bricks are the traditional choice for the design of the fireplace. Beautiful, functional, and easy to replace, brick simple, old-fashioned feel to add space. Aging brick fireplace can be spruced up with a coat of paint. While each brick can be used to surround, just firebricks should be used in the furnace.

Marble and granite

Granite and marble are popular materials used in the design of the fireplace while. Granite fireplace handsome, durable and easy to clean. There are a number of different colors of granite fireplace designs to coordinate with the room decor. Elegant and beautiful marble fireplace and can add a sophisticated touch to the home. Some intricate sculpted marble fireplace with a beautiful design.


Design ceramic fireplace can add a splash of fun and color to the fireplace. The tiles can cover the fireplace surround and can be selected in a variety of designs. For a romantic room is filled with lace You may select tiles featuring pretty floral pattern, while the tiles with geometric shapes that are brightly colored rooms may be more in line with contemporary style. Tiles can also be used to cover the bricks and gives a new look to the coat adolescent past its prime.

Kiva style fireplace

To southwestern style home, try Kiva fireplace design. Kiva fireplace and beehive-shaped curved with openings at the top and bottom of the chimney and fire. Kiva fireplaces traditional designs created using adobe bricks, but today’s models often use cinder blocks.

The campfire

Many homeowners are installing an outdoor fireplace design. Outdoor fireplaces can turn ordinary deck or patio into something special. With patio furniture such as chairs were comfortable and a dining table and chairs, patio into an additional living space, ideal for entertaining friends and family. Fireplace pond can make the room a great place to spend time on a cool summer evening, cool spring and autumn days and even in winter.